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About Dr. John Martin ...


Dr. John W. Martin is the holder of the ERYT-500 (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) crdential, the highest qualification awarded by the Yoga Alliance, a global association of professional teachers of yoga and kindred disciplines.


Dr. John Martin holds degrees in medieval studies and history as well as a Ph.D. in French and comparative literature and has taught those disciplines at a number of colleges and universities around the United States. He has written a number of theatrical pieces and was a founding member of the Twelve Miles West Theater, an equity company that produced several of his plays. He has also been published in the Atlantic Monthly and is the author of the 1983 work, The Golden Age of French Cinema, 1929-1939 (Twayne's Filmmakers Series). His most recent writings include Voluptua (2013), his first novel, and Ayahuasca Nights (2014), a memoir.  He has just completed a second novel, Barcelona Blues, due to be published in Spring 2018. 


A seasoned traveler, he has lived in France, Greece, and Spain, and has traveled widely in India, Mexico, and Peru. He speaks fluent French, modern Greek, and passable Spanish. He worked in France as a Seine River boat pilot and was married by his shaman and mentor, Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, in the Temple of the Stars in Machu Picchu.

He has been a teacher of yoga and meditation for more than thirty years and was a co-director and co-founder of the Starseed Center for Yoga and Healing in Montclair, New Jersey. He has delivered countless workshops, courses and lectures on a wide variety of healing topics, and maintains a therapeutic and restorative yoga and counseling practice in Montclair, New Jersey. He has trained extensively in Gestalt therapy (Heart Centered Gestalt) at Philadelphia's  Modern Gestalt Institute and studied and practiced applied hypnosis for many years.



  Dr. John W.

Martin Ph.D., ERYT-500

Serving northern New Jersey & the surrounding area    (862) 202-7549 

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