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What is yoga all about? What is restorative/therapeutic yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy and way of life from India thta promotes good health and well-beingand the living of an ethical life, augments longevity, and enhances wsellness ad the licnig of life at an optimal level of quality and fitness.

It builds flexibiliTy and strength in the body and mind, self-awareness, self-discipline and self-confidence and well as [eacefulness and calmness.


Yoga is also a powerful therapeutic modality with benefits ranging from relieving depression and anxiety to allaying the pain of severe back-ache and other physical ailments.  Dr. Martin has a long-standing interest and pracitce in this aspect of yoga    

  Dr. John W.

Martin Ph.D., ERYT-500

Serving northern New Jersey & the surrounding area    (862) 202-7549 

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